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O.K. Chapman (Chappy) was an avid collector of nibs for dip pens. He collected an extraordinary number of nibs, plus several inkwells, nib boxes, a few fountain pens, and other nib ephemra as well. The chappysnibs Website is intended as an online version of Chappy's collection--to share with others images and details of those nibs, and ideally, to share the vision and enthusiasm that Chappy brought to everything he did.

At this time, I am not selling items from the collection, although that might change someday.

I have taken many photographs, but the process of collecting meta-data about each nib, and posting each set, is taking some time.

  • The site includes an inventory of Chappy's collection
  • I'm about half-way through taking photographs of these nibs
  • Chappy lived in Montana, which is why there are some Montana-specific nibs in his collection
  • I imagine that the future of will include opening the site up--to allow others to share their own photographs and descriptions. But for now, the site is limited to Chappy's own nibs.


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