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Individual nib pages

Welcome to

O.K. Chapman (Chappy) was an avid collector of nibs for dip pens. He collected an extraordinary number of nibs, plus several inkwells, nib boxes, a few fountain pens, and other nib ephemra as well. The chappysnibs Website is intended as an online version of Chappy's collection--to share with others images and details of those nibs, and ideally, to share the vision and enthusiasm that Chappy brought to everything he did.

  • The site includes an inventory of Chappy's collection (the written inventory doesn't fully match the actual nibs--actual nibs are being posted here on the front page as I take the photographs and build the pages).
  • I've taken photo sets of a little more than 125 nibs. I don't think I'm quite half done with the picture taking yet.
  • I have not inked or tried any of these nibs. I would be guessing on designations such as EF, F or M points. I do, however, use any designation that I find in the nib's imprints, or in related advertising or commentary from online resources.
  • I am not good at judging the "color" or finish of nibs. Again, I use any designation that is imprinted on the nib. And if Chappy included a color in his notes, I use that. Otherwise, it's me making my best guess.
  • Chappy lived in Montana, which is why there are some Montana-specific nibs in his collection
  • I imagine that the future of will include opening the site up--to allow others to share their own photographs and descriptions. But for now, the site is limited to Chappy's own nibs.


Several resources have been of considerable assistance in identifying and describing each nib. These extraordinary web sites have been invaluable: