Esterbrook 442 v1

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Esterbrook logo.png
Esterbrook 442 v1
Manufacturer Esterbrook
Nib No. 442
Descr. Jackson Stub, Version 1
Tip Stub
Markings Exterior
Mark 1 lateral L 442
Esterbrook 442 Version 1 - top view, with ruler

Described in contemporary advertising (Zanarian) as: "No. 442. Jackson Stub Pen. Falcon shape. The most popular stub pen made. Good inkholding capacity."

The Esterbrook Project describes this nib as providing a stub tip on a falcon body. "V" shaped vent hole. Little flexibility. Gray finish.

The American Stationer (10/31/1889) published a description of Esterbrook's 442, which foreshadowed a bit of controversy over the name. "The “Falcon” is undoubtedly the most popular form of fine pointed steel pen ever put on the market. There has been a steady call for a pen of similar style, but with a stub point. In response to this the Esterbrook Pen Company has just put on the market a pen filling these requirements. This new pen is known as the “Jackson Stub,” and an illustration of it is presented herewith. The pen has a smooth, easy action, and possesses qualities which will commend it to those who wish a thoroughly effective pen for rapid writing." As it turns out, Leon Isaacs & Co. began producing a stub version of a Falcon-shaped nib just a few years before Esterbrook, and copyrighted the name Falcon Stub. And while Esterbrook implied that they invented the new style, they also carefully avoided using the terms Falcon Stub or Stub Falcon in their advertising. (See AAAndrew's Steel Pen blog.)

Esterbrook Pens and What They Will Do describes this as a good stub pen for business use. Well liked by lawyers. Medium stub point.

Brandon McKinney's History of Esterbrook (the online companion to his book Esterbrook A Dip Pen Legacy) points out that the Jackson Stub was named for Andrew Jackson--7th President of the United States. His analysis of the markings and grindings date this version of the Jackson stub at 1898-1901.


There are four distinct versions of the Esterbrook #442 Jackson Stub Pen in the Chappy's Nibs collection:

(These version names are defined for this collection alone, and are not necessarily industry-wide terms.)

The nib pictured below is Version 1.


Click any image for a full-resolution photo: 2200 x 640. The image with the ruler is 2300 x 1196.

Esterbrook 442 Version 1 - top view
Esterbrook 442 Version 1 - side view, upper
Esterbrook 442 Version 1 - side view, lower

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