Mitchell 0528

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Mitchell logo2.jpg
Mitchell 0528
Manufacturer William Mitchell's Steel Pens
Nib No. 0528
Descr. Pedigree Fleetwing
Tip Stub
Markings Exterior
Mark 1 lateral L 0528
Mitchell 0528 - top view, with ruler

The UK Dip Pen Nibs site says "These Gilt nibs have an almost Italic style to them. They have a smooth nib tip and writing style."

The Great Calligraphy Catalogue highlights the role of brothers John and William Mitchell (as well as son-in-law Joseph Gillott) in creating the nib-manufacturing industry, centered in Birmingham, England.

The company's "Pedigree" descriptor refers to this history: John Mitchell pioneered mass production of steel pens (prior to this, the quill pen was the most common form of writing instrument). John and William Mitchell are credited as being the first manufacturers to use machines to cut pen nibs, greatly speeding up the process. William's Mitchell's advertising included the tagline, "The pens with a pedigree."

Today's William Mitchell Calligraphy is the successor company to the original William Mitchell brand, which began "whilst working with his brother John Mitchell in the early 1820s. William Mitchell established his own business in 1825 to become one of the leading nib manufacturers and famous for lettering pens. Almost 100 years later William Mitchell merged with Hinks, Wells & Co another pen manufacturer to form British Pens (now known as William Mitchell Calligraphy) ... During the early 1960s British Pens acquired the pen business of other pen manufacturers Perry & Co and John Mitchell once again reuniting the two brothers," and then in 1969 acquired the present Joseph Gillott brand, founded by Mitchell's son-in-law in 1830.


There are no additional versions of the Mitchell #0528 Fleetwing Pen in the Chappy's Nibs collection, as pictured below (gold-finish).


Click any image for a full-resolution photo: 1650 x 480. The image with the ruler is 2300 x 1196.

Mitchell 0528 - top view
Mitchell 0528 - side view, upper
Mitchell 0528 - side view, lower

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