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Perry Universal School Pen
Manufacturer Perry & Co.
Nib No. [no number]
Descr. Universal School Pen
Tip EF
Markings Interior
Mark 1 PERRY & Cº
Mark 5 lateral L ENGLAND
Perry 11 - top view, with ruler

The Perry Universal School Pen is very unusual in the dip pen industry for not having a number. While custom-print or one-off nibs frequently had no number, it was extremely odd for a major manufacturer to produce a popular product identified with only its name.

The Perry Universal School Pen features a spindle-shaped vent hole.

Modern advertising (see Kallipos and Kalligraphie) describes the Perry Universal School Pen as having a very fine stroke, with high flexibility. Again, this is very unusual. Most "school" pens were comparatively rigid--and rarely if ever flexible--since the intended usage was for young schoolchildren who were unlikely to have the experience needed to handle a truly flexible dip nib.

This particular version of the Perry Universal School Pen is further distinguished as having an interior / reverse imprint. This is also quite unusual.

AAAndrew's Steel Pen blog says that "James Perry and Josiah Mason were among the the foundational innovators and inventors who took the craft of making pen nibs and turned it into an industry." Perry began by making his own nibs by hand, then partnering with Mason, who would manufacture the Perryan-branded nib for decades. Mason’s factory in Birmingham (London) eventually became the largest pen factory in the world, and in 1876 Mason and Perry's companies would merge, with Wiley & Sons, to create the new Perry & Co. (Grace's Guide) After the decline of dip pens, British Pens acquired the pen businesses of Perry & Co and other nib manufacturers like John Mitchell and Joseph Gillott's (1961). The Perry brand is no longer active.


There are no additional versions of the Perry Universal School Pen in the Chappy's Nibs collection, as pictured below (gray-finish).


Click any image for a full-resolution photo: 1900 x 600. The image with the ruler is 2500 x 1300.

Perry school - top view
Perry school - interior view

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