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Spencerian logo5.jpg
Spencerian 42 bright
Manufacturer Perry & Co. for
Spencerian Steel Pen Co.
Nib No. 42
Descr. Bright Steel, single color
Tip M
Markings Exterior
Mark 1 body lateral L Nº 42
Spencerian 42 bright - top view, with ruler

A Spencerian #42 nib is described in contemporary advertising (Zanarian) as: "Spencerian Steel Pens. No. 42 (Gold Point Pen). Ball pointed. A firm rigid pen with round point. The most popular ball pointed model in use." A Spencerian sample card (see Smithsonian Libraries Exhibit on trade literature) included a sample of the #42 Gold Point Pen among 11 samples--listing it similarly, "Fine dome point. Semi-flexible smooth action. Most popular dome point in use." Another Spencerian sample card included the #42 Gold Point Pen among 26 samples. It is included in the section of the card for Dome Pointed nibs.

In The Fountain Pen Network, AAAndrew posted digital microscope photographs of a Spencerian #42 dome point, to illustrate the difference between turned-up points (see Spencerian 6) and dome points. "This is the Spencerian version of the type of point made by using a very small and very hard punch to create a small bowl shape into the very tip of the tines. This creates a round shape on the bottom which makes for a very smooth writing experience. [...] But because of the slightly broader surface area, you can't use these pens to get very fine hairlines. They will always make a slightly broader line than a sharp-pointed pen. As a result these were pretty much exclusively used for business, correspondence and other general uses, and not calligraphy."

The Blam Nib site says that The Spencerian Steel Pen Co. was formed In 1858 as a subsidiary of the Ivison Phinney Publishing Company, later known as Ivison, Phinney, Blakeman, & Co., and finally in 1869 as Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor, & Co. The New York City-based pen company (Spencerian Steel Pen Co.), was a pen distribution company that purchased its nibs from an English manufacturer, having no factories of its own. The Spencerian pens were made in Birmingham, England, by Sir Josiah Mason for Perry & Co. This explains why many Spencerian nibs have markings for both New York, N.Y. and England.


There are four distinct versions of the Spencerian #42 Dome Point Pen in the Chappy's Nibs collection:

(These version names are defined for this collection alone, and are not necessarily industry-wide terms.)

The nib pictured below is the Bright Steel.


Click any image for a full-resolution photo: 2200 x 640. The image with the ruler is 2300 x 1196.

Spencerian 42 bright - top view
Spencerian 42 bright - side view, upper
Spencerian 42 bright - side view, lower

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