Wegimont-Jamme 19

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Wégimont-Jamme 19
Manufacturer Wégimont-Jamme
Nib No. 19
Descr. 19EF
Tip EF
Markings Exterior
Mark 1 lateral L Nº 19EF
Mark 3 LIÉGE (Belgium)
Wégimont-Jamme 19 - top view, with ruler

AAAndrew's Steel Pen blog seems to identify the shape of this nib as a "Shoulder" nib ... one with a "normal heel then an abrupt, sharp, 90 or near-90-degree transition to create a wider, deeper, straight body to the shoulders." On The Fountain Pen Network, AAAndrew further notes that most bank pens have a vent hole in the shape of a torch, and that the torch hole shape is standard across manufacturers. Therefore it seems reasonable to conclude that this was a bank pen designed with a shoulder construct.

Liège is a city in Belgium. In the past, Liège was one of the most important industrial centers in Europe, particularly in steel-making and the related secondary industry--the manufacturing of steel goods. Of course, it is easy to speculate that one such secondary industry could have been the manufacturing of steel pen nibs. (For those of you who have noticed, the accent in the nib's location-of-manufacture imprint is Liége, not Liège. As it turns out, the city officially changed the spelling of its name on September 17, 1946, changing the accent from acute to grave, and the name was changed from Liége to Liège. This, then, would line up the location-of-manufacture imprint with typical dates of nib manufacturing--i.e., pre-1946.

I cannot find a nib manufacturer, reseller or other company named Wégimont-Jamme. However, the Wégimont name is famous in the Liège area, notably for the 13th-century Wégimont castle, and its related estate.


There are no additional versions of the Wégimont-Jamme 19 Pen in the Chappy's Nibs collection, as pictured below (gray-finish).


Click any image for a full-resolution photo: 2200 x 640. The image with the ruler is 2300 x 1196.

Wégimont-Jamme 19 - top view
Wégimont-Jamme 19 - side view, upper
Wégimont-Jamme 19 - side view, lower

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